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Where to get cheap or free moving boxes

Where to get cheap or free moving boxes

Relocation is always connected with expenses so many people look for effective solutions on how to save on it. Packing materials always take a great deal of the moving budget, however, there is an opportunity to save and get some of the packing materials for free or for very little money. You may wonder how to do that? Keep on reading and you will find out where to get boxes for moving and pay nothing.

Getting free boxes

It is not reasonable to buy anything if you can easily get it for free. The same goes for moving boxes which can be found easily if you put a little effort. In fact, there are many places where you can do that:

Craigslist, Offerup or any other website with ads

Do you think you are the only person moving? There are hundreds of people doing it every day and they do have a variety of boxes they used for relocation. Having already spent money or time on the search of packing materials, they want to help others with this challenge and give for free or sell for a minimum price a real moving kit. Remember the hint – look for boxes at the beginning of the week since most of the moves are completed on weekends.


Since it is necessary to have boxes to withstand heavy loads, liquor stores are a perfect option to ask for since their boxes do not breakdown under a load of several glass bottles filled with liquid. It is enough to ask a store manager when they are going to get the next shipment of beverages to the store and wait for employees to empty them to get clean and reliable boxes for packing.

One of the pieces of advice suggested by movers is to avoid filling an empty box with books only or it can break down. However, if you get boxes in the bookstore, probably they will be more reliable than standard packing materials used by companies. Arrive on the day of shipment and get your prize!

It is also worth visiting a coffee, pet or any bigger store for a search of boxes. Small stores get shipments at least twice a week and all those not big boxes from flavorings, cream, sugar, as well as snacks will be a great solution for moving. However, if you visit a big store such as Walmart, undoubtedly, the selection of boxes there is much more extensive coming in different sizes and of multiple colors and loads.

Moving companies

Though it may sound unbelievable, cheap local movers not only sell packing materials but also give them for free. If to be more exact, not companies but their clients can leave second-hand boxes in the company and new clients can use them absolutely free of charge. Don’t forget to ask your mover if there is such a service provided!

Big offices

You can only imagine how much paper, different supplies, and devices are purchased by large companies to provide their employees with the materials needed. Here you can find not only boxes from paper but also larger examples from different devices and appliances, it is enough to find out the day and time!

Social media

Nowadays, such social networks as Facebook and Twitter are popular sources of different information. You can find a community group by your location on one of the platforms and ask people for help. It will be a surprise for you to learn how responsive some people are and how quickly they can help to find free or cheap packing materials.

Friends and relatives

If you want to get boxes fast, it is always possible to call your friends and relatives, ask neighbours and colleagues. It often happens that people have bought anything big and keep a box because of the warranty which has already expired. You will be surprised by a variety of packages found in this way.

Recycling centers

There are many centers where people leave used boxes for recycling. If any of them are in good condition, you can ask a center representative for it.

Where to get cheap moving boxes

You may wonder what sense there is to pay any money for boxes if you can get free ones? But still, there are people who believe that every work should be paid for or need packing materials urgently with the delivery. They would rather buy them cheaply than waste their valuable time for a search. In fact, it is not difficult to find a company selling different packing materials, but you will need at least $100 to pay for boxes required to move a 2-bedroom apartment. Do you want to save? Naturally, it is possible to save if to buy boxes not separately but by specially created moving kits. You can find them on Amazon, Home Depot, Walmart and get new boxes but cheaper than one by one.

One more way to save is to buy second-hand moving supplies on such popular companies as BoxCycle, and others. Moreover, you can rent plastic boxes and return them back after unpacking. In this case, you prevent yourself from the problem of how to get rid of your own boxes after you relocate.

As you can see, there is a variety of ways to save on packing supplies if you need to move, it is enough to put a minimum effort to get desirable results.

Crime Rate as a Factor in Determining Where to Live

Crime Rate as a Factor in Determining Where to Live

The easiest way to figure out if the new location you want to move to has a high crime rate is to research the location on the Internet. You will find if you decide to do this that larger urban areas will have very detailed crime reports, whereas smaller towns and rural areas usually only have general information. You should also contact the local police department to find out more detailed statistics. If you do contact the local police department, you should be able to find out if they have any crime prevention programs, how active the community is, and information about community policing. You can also drive around the area you want to move to and look around for anything that may seem out of place. You should look for things like different types of vandalism, like graffiti and broken windows, look for high fences and bars on accessible windows, and beware of dog signs because things like these may mean the neighborhood you are looking at is not safe or friendly.

Once you have picked a few homes you like you should spend some time just walking around the outside of the homes and through the neighborhoods they are located in. Some things you should be looking for are the condition of the house itself as well as the houses that are on the same block, also look at the front yard, sidewalks, and streets. If you make eye contact with anyone or actually talk to any of the people living on the same block as the house you like is on, then you may be able to conclude that the neighborhood is safe as well as a friendly community to live in. One thing many people do not think to look at is the local schools and what kind of condition they are in. In most places, if the schools are well maintained then the neighborhood is a nice place to live.

You will also want to look into the form of transportation you are going to have to use to get to work and other activities. Will you be walking to work or riding public transportation? If you are walking is there appropriate lighting and is it in a public place in case of a mugging. If you will be using public transportation will you be doing so during peak commuting hours or early in the morning or late at night? If you will be using your own vehicle then make sure you lock your doors to insure your vehicle and personal belongings do not get stolen.

Pros and Cons of Rural Areas When Moving

Pros and Cons of Rural Areas When Moving

Many people love living in a country setting, but there are many pros and cons that come with doing so. For instance utility services like cable television, high speed Internet, cellular phones, sewer, and water may not be available to you like it is in an urban setting. If you do have certain types of utility services it may take much longer for repairs to happen. If sewer is not available in your area then you will need to make sure there is an approved septic system installed on your property. It may be very expensive to have an approved septic system installed on your property though if there is not already one in use. If you cannot have treated domestic water then you will have to make sure there is a well drilled somewhere on your property, which you should have tested before using. It can be very expensive to drill a well if there is not one already on your property. The one problem people run into is that the well has to be a specific number of feet deep as well as a certain number of feet away from your septic system. Power outages may occur more frequently than they would in a more urban setting, and may take several days to get repaired. You will have to have trash removal of some kind, which may be more expensive and you usually do not have any type of recycling program in a rural area.

You need to keep in mind that if you were to have an emergency while living in the country then the response times are going to be longer than usual. You should always make your house number or address clearly visible on your house or mailbox for faster response times. You should also make sure that if you are going to live in the country somewhere it snows, make sure you drive some sort of vehicle you can drive around in. Also make sure that your road is plowed by the local department of transportation, otherwise you are going to have to plow it yourself or hire someone to do it for you.

If you have children then you will probably find that they will have to travel several miles on a school bus in order to get to school. School buses only travel on maintained roads, so if you live off of a maintained road your will have to make sure exactly where your child’s bus stop will be located. You should contact your local school district for more information.

Pros and Cons of Gated Communities When Moving

Pros and Cons of Gated Communities When Moving

A gated community sometimes has a closed perimeter but not always, but it does always have controlled entrances for all residents, pedestrians, automobiles, and bicycles. Gated communities tend to have some sort of amenities which can include gyms, grocery stores, restaurants, golf course(s) and club house, a park type setting, a common area, marina, swimming pool, spas, and saunas, among many other things. If a gated community is large enough you may be able to do all your day to day activities without leaving the community. You will find that most gated communities have privately paid security guards that are called to your home if there is a problem even before the actual police are involved in the situation. If a gated community does not have an actual security guard watching who enters and exits the gates then there will be entry codes and/or key cards with cameras watching who is entering and exiting the community. Most gated communities have higher valued properties than other types of communities. Gated communities are currently the fastest growing type of community in the United States. Many retirement villages across the United States are becoming gated communities.

There are however some downfalls if you choose to live in a gated community rather than another type of community like an urban area or rural area. Gated communities do have there very own security measures with private security guards, but this often times gives there residents a sense of false security. If you look at the research on security in gated communities you will find that gated communities actually have the same amount of crime as a non-gated community. You will also find that gated communities tend to be grouped by boundaries like race/ethnicity, social class, or culture. You will also find that most gated communities have a homeowners association which will allow or prevent you from doing certain things to your home. For instance, if you want to paint your home a certain color it must be approved first and even certain types of landscaping projects must be approved before you can change the current landscape. You will also find that most children that live in gated communities tend to attend private schools, but if they do attend the local public school the school is rated higher than most public schools are.

Things to Remember Before Moving Day

Things to Remember Before Moving Day

Figure out if you will need to hire a mover or if you will be doing it yourself. Plus decide if you will be personally packing your household items or if you are going to hire someone else to do it for you. You should make an inventory checklist to make sure that you have taken everything you want with you to your new home, and then you can check everything back off the list while you are unpacking your household items. If you are packing yourself you need to make sure you start to get appropriate packing containers which you can purchase from most moving companies. You should have small cartons/boxes for things like books, tools, etc. You should have separate containers/boxes specifically for clothing. You should have medium sized cartons/boxes for bulkier items that are not that heavy like linens, small appliances, and towels. You should have large cartons/boxes for bulky items like blankets and pillows. You should always label your cartons/boxes so you know where everything is located. You should set clear deadlines and goals so that all of your packing is finished before your moving day.

When you are packing your household items you should make sure you pack particular things wisely. For instance, you should pack your cleaning supplies close to the front so that you can clean your new home when you first get there. You should also make sure you have paper plates and plastic forks and spoons, and a small saucepan and easy to make food handy for the first few days at your new home. Make sure you leave toilet paper, soap, toothbrushes, and towels handy for the first few days in your new home.

You should also transfer all of your personal records which include closing and transferring all of your charge accounts. You should also check with your personal insurance policies to see if moving is covered, and then transfer theft and fire insurance and any other type of personal property insurance you may have to make certain your new home will have coverage. If you have children you should obtain all their transcripts, school records, and credentials. You should also obtain all of your families medical and dental records including vaccination information, history of past illnesses, and dates of last examinations. One thing many people forget to do when moving is to transfer or resign from all the memberships to clubs, organizations, and associations you are involved with. You also have to remember to give your post office change of address card. You should try to have most of your utilities connected before you move into your new home, and have all your utilities at your old home disconnected on your moving day.

5 Things to Consider When Buying a Home in Sacramento

5 Things to Consider When Buying a Home in Sacramento

The Sacramento Region is a fantastic area in California that has its many advantages. The advantages are the reason why people have invested in the area and continue to do so. Since this is the case, you will need to have a list of the reasons in order to understand why it is considered to be such a good investment and decision.

  1. The first reason that comes to our mind is security. Sacramento is an area that has a low crime rate. As this is the case, it implies that the level of security in the area is high.
  2. Secondly, the value of the home is an important factor to consider. The current values are low but they are expected to appreciate at a rapid rate. This means that if you have a home in Sacramento, you are going to have excellent equity in a short while. We have experienced 20% population growth in the previous decade and this is expected to continue.
  3. The infrastructure of Sacramento is also one of the reasons why it is a good investment. The condition of buildings and roads are at a high level of quality in this entire area. If you are self employed, owning a home in the area can be good for your ventures. You are guaranteed of having the opportunity to expand your business or enterprise.
  4. Another factor contributing to the buying of homes in Sacramento is the type of facilities. Though the area does not have the state of the art facilities, it has sufficient facilities for comfortable living. This will mean that a person will not have to go to other cities to look for certain services, supplies and other items needed for comfortable living. The metropolitan area of Sacramento has a tremendous amount of resources, stores, specialty shops, restaurants, live events such as concerts, incredible universities and just about everything else needed for living a rich life.
  5. Finally, the social environment of the people should be a reason why you buy a home in Sacramento. The social environment is friendly and open. There is a very diverse array of excellent restaurants in this area. The more explore this you will discover fabulous live events and good eats in this area. The people in the area have good morals and value the important things in life. This can be a great place for children to be born and raised in. With these factors in mind, investing in Sacramento has wonderful benefits to consider. Being centrally located between San Francisco (Bay Area) and Lake Tahoe has been another reason why so many choose to live, work and play in this wonderful area.