Crime Rate as a Factor in Determining Where to Live

Crime Rate as a Factor in Determining Where to Live

The easiest way to figure out if the new location you want to move to has a high crime rate is to research the location on the Internet. You will find if you decide to do this that larger urban areas will have very detailed crime reports, whereas smaller towns and rural areas usually only have general information. You should also contact the local police department to find out more detailed statistics. If you do contact the local police department, you should be able to find out if they have any crime prevention programs, how active the community is, and information about community policing. You can also drive around the area you want to move to and look around for anything that may seem out of place. You should look for things like different types of vandalism, like graffiti and broken windows, look for high fences and bars on accessible windows, and beware of dog signs because things like these may mean the neighborhood you are looking at is not safe or friendly.

Once you have picked a few homes you like you should spend some time just walking around the outside of the homes and through the neighborhoods they are located in. Some things you should be looking for are the condition of the house itself as well as the houses that are on the same block, also look at the front yard, sidewalks, and streets. If you make eye contact with anyone or actually talk to any of the people living on the same block as the house you like is on, then you may be able to conclude that the neighborhood is safe as well as a friendly community to live in. One thing many people do not think to look at is the local schools and what kind of condition they are in. In most places, if the schools are well maintained then the neighborhood is a nice place to live.

You will also want to look into the form of transportation you are going to have to use to get to work and other activities. Will you be walking to work or riding public transportation? If you are walking is there appropriate lighting and is it in a public place in case of a mugging. If you will be using public transportation will you be doing so during peak commuting hours or early in the morning or late at night? If you will be using your own vehicle then make sure you lock your doors to insure your vehicle and personal belongings do not get stolen.

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