Pros and Cons of Rural Areas When Moving

Pros and Cons of Rural Areas When Moving

Many people love living in a country setting, but there are many pros and cons that come with doing so. For instance utility services like cable television, high speed Internet, cellular phones, sewer, and water may not be available to you like it is in an urban setting. If you do have certain types of utility services it may take much longer for repairs to happen. If sewer is not available in your area then you will need to make sure there is an approved septic system installed on your property. It may be very expensive to have an approved septic system installed on your property though if there is not already one in use. If you cannot have treated domestic water then you will have to make sure there is a well drilled somewhere on your property, which you should have tested before using. It can be very expensive to drill a well if there is not one already on your property. The one problem people run into is that the well has to be a specific number of feet deep as well as a certain number of feet away from your septic system. Power outages may occur more frequently than they would in a more urban setting, and may take several days to get repaired. You will have to have trash removal of some kind, which may be more expensive and you usually do not have any type of recycling program in a rural area.

You need to keep in mind that if you were to have an emergency while living in the country then the response times are going to be longer than usual. You should always make your house number or address clearly visible on your house or mailbox for faster response times. You should also make sure that if you are going to live in the country somewhere it snows, make sure you drive some sort of vehicle you can drive around in. Also make sure that your road is plowed by the local department of transportation, otherwise you are going to have to plow it yourself or hire someone to do it for you.

If you have children then you will probably find that they will have to travel several miles on a school bus in order to get to school. School buses only travel on maintained roads, so if you live off of a maintained road your will have to make sure exactly where your child’s bus stop will be located. You should contact your local school district for more information.

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